This Ordinary House Is For Sale, When You See What’s Inside, Amazing!!

Believe it or not, a 96 year old woman living in Toronto wanted to sell her house, which, mind you, she’d been living in for 72 years. As such, the old lady called upon a realtor based in Toronto to carry the sale of her house through. On getting there, the realtor could not believe his eyes because of what he saw. Most likely, neither will you!

The house to be sold as seen from the outside looks like an ordinary suburban home from the outside. Wait till you see the inside…


A neatly mowed outdoor space at the back of the house….


The 96 year old woman says, “I like soft colors and I like things to match and flow well together. I prefer tone-on-tone to bright colors”.


A beautiful view of the dining room.


Waking up to this kitchen everyday looks like more of a dream…


Part of the kitchen where waffles can do the trick any day!


A breath taking view of one of the rooms, which surely takes me down memory lane, where you would find such beauty in a home. And believe it or not, this house has just been renovated once in the 72 years she has lived there!!!


Notice every little thing is detailed by the homeowner, who used to work as a seamstress. Also, pink, which is her favorite color was not used in the bedroom. Why? Her husband requested this of her, apparently the pink was too much for him.


It’s just amazing looking at the copper gold mirror and emerald velour in this room.


The colors coordinate the furniture as well as the decorations in every room. Her daughter mentions her mother’s obsession with pink, which we see she couldn’t do without.


A spectacular view of the family bathroom.


Whoever thought a mixture of purple and orange could bring out something this beautiful!


The entertainment room with a fully equipped mini-bar where everything looks authentic.


Wow…and this is just the basement bathroom!


This is definitely where all the laundry ‘goes down’!


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