The Never Before Revealed Tricks Behind Your Favorite Magic Tricks, You Can’t Tell Anyone!

Even though all of us know that there is no such thing as magic, we still like to believe in it. People of all ages love magic tricks since they leave you puzzled and make you wonder about the secret behind it. Many magicians have been impressing people with their illusions but now, all of their tricks are revealed. Take a look at some of the most popular magic tricks and the secret behind them.

Cutting in half

There are actually two women, sitting separately in the tables. So when the magician cuts the table in half, nothing really happens.


Looks real

It looks very believable especially when the body is visible.


Floating in air

No one is floating in air and the chairs are placed just for deception. Actually the person floating lies on a rod, hidden beneath his/her clothes.


Cutting in half (other version)

Instead of two bodies in the box, the legs in the leg compartment are artificial.


Raising the subject in mid air

This trick is quite similar to the previous one. Here again, the subject is raised using a hidden support.


Street performance

This street performance is basically a man just sitting on a support. He is not actually floating in air; instead he hides the support using a long robe.


Curve Boxes

This is how the magician slides in blades and the subject is not harmed at all. The whole width of the box is not shown to the audience.


The Michael Jackson trick

No doubt, Michael Jackson was best dancer of his time but the real beauty behind his dance trick was his shoes.


Guessing the card

The magician shows the right card by memorizing the card that will be placed over the card placed by the subject. So when he searches for it in the deck he just shows the card that comes after the memorized card.


Fork bending

The fork bending is just an optical illusion depending on the way you hold the fork.


Rubber band trick

This simple but classic trick can be learned with a little practice. Just with a few hand movements, anyone can do it.


Coin disappearance

Place the coin in one hand and wear a magnet in another, rub your hands to pretend that you are doing the magic trick and take the coin in the other hand, revealing that there is no coin in your hand now.


Pulling a coin out of ear

This trick also requires practice; the better the deception, the better the trick.


Spoon bending

This trick too, uses the phenomenon of optical illusion. The spoon is not really bending.


Floating card

Invisible thread is easily available at a store. Neatly tie the card with the invisible thread and make it appear that it is floating in air.


Vanishing a handkerchief

This trick requires a special thumb like container that can fit on your thumb. Keep the container in a fist and stuff the handkerchief in it. Stuff it with your thumb, until you wear the container on your thumb. Quickly reveal both hands and show that the handkerchief is gone.


Rabbit in hat trick

This trick requires a trick hat and a rigged table. The rabbit is actually in the rigged table and the hat is hollow. So basically the magician pulls out the rabbit from the table instead of the hat.


Floating pencil

This is a very simple trick that leaves many puzzled. The pencil is actually given support.


Trick revealed

The trick must be done carefully so no one can see the supporting finger on the pencil.


Disappearing matchbox

This trick also requires slight of hand. Very carefully, by distracting the viewer anyone can pull off this trick.


Impression on hand

All this trick requires is a strong impression on the thumb. Just never let the viewer know your secret.


Milk in newspaper

The trick basically uses a magic milk pitcher. When milk is poured in it, it is in the lining. So when it is poured into the newspaper roll, it appears that the milk is decreasing in quantity, in reality no milk flows out at all. Hence the newspaper is completely dry.


The dove trick

Doves are kept in the magician’s sleeve with spring loaders. When the magician wants to release the doves, the spring loaders are launched and the dove is set free.


Disappearing card

The trick requires practice, since basically the card is simply hidden at the back side of the hand while the magician creates a distraction.


Ripping a newspaper

This trick basically uses two identical newspapers; one of which is ripped while other is folded and hidden in the other hand. When the newspaper is crushed, make the folded newspaper appear and open it to show that nothing happened to the newspaper.


Floating ball magic trick

The trick uses a metal ladle which is kept parallel to the arm. The reflection makes the balls appear to be floating. The trick only works when the audience is directly in front of the magician.


Floating Money

The trick uses invisible thread which is tied to the bill. Crumble the dollar bill and keep the thread in your mouth. The audience won’t be able to see the thread but will see a dollar bill following you around.


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