Looking At These Mistakes, You May Never Watch A Movie The Same Way Again!

As everyone loves to watch the movies, there is a lot that goes in the background that we can’t see to find tiny bits of mistakes. Some will be noticed while others will not be noticed. Here are some that we did not miss to find their way in this list.

From the wizard of OZ, Dorothy was supposed to wear a pair of ruby slippers but instead she is seen in a pair of black shoes.


At one point in the movie she’s all that, Taylor gets a tattoo done but at the next scene, that happens to be a different story all together. Where did the tattoo go?


Zhora is not wearing any lipstick but after being shot, it mysteriously looks like she has one now. I wonder who applies lipstick after being dead.


This camera man should not be anywhere near Moreno and Obrien as they are in a fight scene in the movie bad boys simply because it is in a school facility and how did a camera get in there.


This is a case of watch mystery. Stuckys watch appears and disappears in this fight scene with Vivian.


In the animated series Toy Story, the bulbs housing will fit through the hole even if it’s bigger than the hole itself.


Wow. You can even tell the make of the camera when it gets reflected on the doorknob in the movie. The Matrix.


Dedicated to serve, to care and to protect, it all seems like terminators car will be destined to terminate its own mottos.


In Django Unchained, the existence of sunglasses is present yet it was supposed to tell a story dated in the early 1900s.


In the movie Saw, Lawrence has cut off his foot but it can still be seen to exist if we were to double check it.


Seems like one camera crew did not find ample time to hide behind the scenes. He just had to do it in plain sight.


With a pair of sunglasses, who needs a mirror to reflect the whole crew behind this man’s position in the movie Stargate.


Surely, how can a car find itself in the middle of the road if the gear is still in parking position?


In the movie the Matrix, we can see the wall section is already broken before he breaks it with his fist while fighting.


A 1985 movie with a wall sticker of a 2011 Lamborghini vehicle as seen behind Ron Woodroof.


Playing it back to the future so to say. The guitar is a 1959 edition but the movie is set to be a 1955 movie.


There is a change in position of the flag in this harry potter movie scene.


In the movie Titanic, this characters coats color and length changes with time.


These books seem to have a mind of their own. Changing positions looks like their favorite trick.


In this scene of the TV series friends, the background friends have changed position all of a sudden.


She did find the cream hair band relatively boring to the green one.


The hour glass has disappeared in the movie Harry Potter.


What, another mistake in the Harry Potter movie franchise.


From an open floor to a sudden change filled with boxes. We did not see that coming.


In the movie Ocean’s Eleven, these utensils seem to have a funny shape shifting characteristic.


Where is the coat heading to?


Could this still be the same glass really?


Even this towel had some abilities. Shifting from the sofas arm to the back side.


This sticker must have changed or is it the phone itself?


Perhaps the name Scary Movie. The paper has rolled back to its position on its own.


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